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Accident at the workplace

First reaction: if you are a victim of an accident at work (or on your way to work), you must notify your employer about it within 24 hours (save Force Majeure).

Once informed about the accident, your employer must issue an accident report and send it to the Health Insurance Office (CPAM) within 48 hours. If work performance is interrupted as a result of the accident and after seeing a doctor, a salary certificate should be attached to the report.


https ://www.ameli.fr/sites/default/files/formualires/128/s6200.pdf

A salary certificate includes all the information concerning remuneration (basic salary, other remuneration components, bonuses) which will be the basis for calculating the benefit rate due for any day of incapacity for work by CPAM.


You can be granted three types of benefits:

– Daily benefits payable from CPAM. The benefit rate will depend on your contribution period (if you keep your remuneration, the benefit is transferred directly to your employer).

– Additional benefits payable by the employer and depending principally on the length of service.

 Disability pension payable from CPAM if, after a period of treatment, permanent consequences of the accident remain.

Pension will be calculated based on the degree of permanent disability [French IPP] “depending on the nature of disease, general condition, age, physical and mental abilities of the injured and according to the person’s aptitude and physical ability taking into account indicative disability scale” (Article L. 434-2 of the French Social Security Code).

The so called IPP level will next serve as the basis for the award of a lump sum (if is less than 10%) or pension (if it is higher than 10%).

An employee or an employer can appeal against the decision defining the degree of disability (IPP) to the Pole Social of the Tribunal de Grande Instance, following administrative review.

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